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What our customers say about us:

"Whatever you did yesterday helped a lot.  Last night was the first night in a while that my left arm didn't wake me up.  Feeling good this morning.  Now I'm off to do some moving stuff before work and mess it up again! "


-Debra Spangler

June 2020

"Mike Burnett at Springfield Body Mechanics does more for me than a chiropractor. When I leave his office, I usually leave pain free or at least the pain is drastically reduced. I would recommend this service even over a chiropractor. I’ve never had a treatment or massage that works as well as his treatment. And for seniors it is one of your 'essential extras'. It is well worth your time."


-Sherrie Clinton

March 2020

"This man is amazing! I had an appointment with him last week.He told me things that had never been told to me about my disease that will help to turn things around for me. I was amazed after he worked on my neck. Oh yeah, I am feeling good now. Go talk to this man, he will help you if he can and he is honest enough to tell you if he can not. I will be going back next week. Can not wait. Believe in him!"


-Denise Green

March 2020


1 Corinthians 2:5 "That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God."

"I recently had broken my arm.  It was put in a cast, and when healed, the cast came off.  That was when I began to experience excruciating pain whenever I dropped my shoulder.  I went to my doctor who prescribed medication for nerve pain, which did not touch it.  I had been going to Body Mechanics for a different issue, so found it easy to complain to my therapist, Mike Burnett, how miserable I was. His suggestion was Trigger Point Therapy, and Kinesiology tape.  It only took TWO visits to totally clear, not only the pain, but also get my shoulder to hang normally.  I had developed the habit of holding it up.  I am so grateful AND impressed with Mike Burnett’s success in bringing my arm, and ability to use it, to complete healing. I can not recommend him more, if you are dealing with issues where hands-on work is needed for a return to mobility and a pain free life.  He was my miracle worker!"


-Zoe Cochran

March 2020


Zoe's pain was due to a nerve entrapment that was successfully treated with a Kinesio-Tape application.

"I have been in pain with my neck and thoracic (spine) since 1994.  I have had low back pain since 1980.  I had a low back surgery that did not go well in 2014, and since then I have additional hip and buttock pain.  The sharp pain shoots down my buttocks and across my hips and sometimes down my left leg.  After one treatment with Mike Burnett, I had amazing results.  He, truly, has a gift.  I have had many massages and treatments.  This has been my best."


-Anita Torbett

October 2019


Mrs. Torbett's treatment was based upon restricted ROM measurements.

"I've had pain in my right thigh (when standing up erect) for over a year.  After four sessions with Mr. Burnett, my problem was resolved!"


-Steve Tasker

August 2019


Mr. Tasker had a pinched nerve due to anterior spondylolisthesis in his lumbar spine after excercising.  Symptoms and treatment were both out of the ordinary.

"Thanks for helping me pass my PAST!"


-Connor VonBecker

May 2019


Connor passed his Physical Ability and Stamina Test (PAST) to be admitted to the Air Force Pararescue School.  This was accomplished by helping him establish symmetrical pain-free Range of Motion (ROM), relieving strained and painful muscles, and finally, kinesio taping to assist muscles that were recognized to be heavily worked during the test.

"I was in an auto accident and had been through months of physical therapy, attempted many modalities of treatment. There would be minor improvements but nothing had a lasting effect. Mike took neck pain that had been a problem for over 30 years and resolved or lessened the pain to a bearable level as it continues to improve under his care. Knee pain that was so bad I couldn’t bear weight on my right leg is completely resolved. Any symptoms that return are quickly resolved. I am amazed by his knowledge and techniques. I would highly recommend him to anyone suffering from chronic pain."


-Barabara George

April 2019

"I had a knee injury going on for six months-orthopedic doc blew it off as arthritis ? ....I was referred to Mike Burnett by Norm Shealy. Mike was the ONLY one who made it better...taped it, used the Whelton method, and I’m walking, running and playing basketball with my grandson again! Thanks for your expertise Mike!!♥️ oh, and no arthritis."


-Nanette Kirkey

March 2019


"Thank you form the bottom of my heart for helping adjust my back & neck before the wedding.  You are excellent at your work & my wedding day was pain free.  You helped alleviate so much stress & discomfort; I am forever grateful.  It was so kind of you to open up after hours. It's obvious how much you care about the well being of your patients.  That was the best gift I could have received. Thank you so much!"


-Amy Koppitz

March 2019

"My husband & I have been going to Body Mechanics for over 3 yrs. now. I have lived with chronic pain from a back surgery since 1993. I have been going to pain management since 1994 but I get great relief when I go to Body Mechanics & he has helped keep my husband out of the hospital after a fall from a ladder a few years ago. He was about 60 yrs. old at the time & took a bad fall but after a few visits he was doing much better. Body Mechanics owner Mike Burnett definitely knows how to provide sudden & long term pain relief. Its a nice, calming & friendly atmosphere & its NICE to NOT have to undress for them to relieve the pain. If you have pain, give Body Mechanics a try, your body will be so glad you did!"


-Mary Bingaman

February 2019

"I'm so grateful for getting a gift certificate for a free 30 min massage. This is how I discovered Mike. I had been in terrible pain, I went to a neurologist and they diagnosed me with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, and referred me to a surgeon. My hands were so red and purple from lack of blood flow. I'm a single mom, with a 2 year old boy and surgery wasn't what I wanted. Since seeing Mike, my hands have color and the numbness and pain are nearly gone. I went a full 2 weeks almost without any symptoms. Thank you so much Mike you truly don't know how much you've helped me."


-Heather Metcalf

July 2018

"Mike is a great therapist and bodyworker. As a massage therapist myself, you get pretty picky and you KNOW when someone knows or doesn't know what they're doing. Mike knows. If you need more than just a relaxation massage and are looking for someone to really target your trouble areas, he can do it!"


-Erin Story

August 2017

"Mike does a great job at assessing your needs and then putting a plan of action together so you get the most out of your treatment each time you visit him. He measures your joint's limited movement so that he can then re-measure you to see improvement. A great way to see the therapeutic results of your massage."


-Mary Howard

May 2017

"Mike is great! He's very knowledgeable about different techniques and has been able to stop issues of trigger finger using paraffin bath and massage, and knows other techniques that reduce pain."


-Dana Beamish

January 2017

"After weeks of pain in my hand, I asked Mike if he could help me. Not knowing what I did to it, I was not sure if he could.


I met him at his office and in a short visit the pain subsided and I had function again.  He did a few different treatments in the office that day and took time to assess what was really going on with my arm as well as my hand. I am so happy that I asked Mike for his help.


He is very informed and knowledgeable.  I would recomend him to anyone with pain that gets worse with a certain movement.  I WILL be back to see him.  Thanks Mike.  I feel much better."


-Niki Carter

January 2017

"So thankful I found Mike!


I can't believe the difference he has made with my neck!  I suffer from a herniated disk and haven't had a lot of luck in getting relief except for after an adjustment."


-James Griffith

June 2016

"My daughter is a cheerleader and hurt her upper back and neck. I took her in to see Mike right away.


He was very nice and professional. She was nervous since it was her first time going to this type of business. He did an amazing job and her pain was gone in a short time.


I recommend his office and service to anyone that has pain or just wants to relax."


-Laura Crowder

April 2016

"If you have pain and need relief, Mike Burnett is unbelievable. I have a torn rotator cuff and was in incredible pain. One short, short touch by Mike gave me relief. He is a Clinical Massage Therapist here in town and I just had to recommend him.


My pain was near unmanageable. My arm was like a massive tooth ache and within minutes he had found and fixed the pain. Thanks again Mike."


-Karleen Tutton

April 2016

"I have had trouble off and on with a lot of pain in my shoulder which I had broken as a child. Doctors said they could not fix it. In August at the Fair, I had a short session with Mike and it helped, so a few weeks later, I went to him for a regular session. It was wonderful -- the pain was was totally gone the next day. I told my regular doctor at my checkup and he was delighted. He said if you find the right therapist, it really works


Recently, either because of cold weather or stress, it has been bothering me again so I called and had another session with Mike. He knows exactly what he is doing. Waking up the next morning, I had no pain again.


I am 70 and pre-diabetic, so it is very important for me to be able to keep hiking, kayoing and doing normal activities. I feel blessed to be able to keep enjoying life's activities."


-Joy Ochs

February 2016

"Just letting you know, my knee is essentially totally healed.


My walking is better than it has been for 2 years. Only slight weakness very occasionally.  I am confident that will continue to get better.  Thanks so much for what you have done for me!  Happy New Year!"


-Mark Mauzey

January 2016

"I was in bizarre throat pain for over a year, talking became unbearable.  I have had many tests done and had seen several specialists without answers.  The only solution was to treat my symptoms with medication.  The medication they gave me came with severe side effects.  I was dizzy and/or tired all the time.  I was about to give up, thinking it must all be in my head.


In my last effort, doing my own research, I learnt of PNMT massage therapy.  I scheduled an appointment (at PMTC) and met Mike Burnett.  I told him of my bizarre pain, expecting him to look at me like I'm crazy, but he didn't!  He embraced what I was saying, agreed with me and gave me his own input.  I was blown away thinking, oh this guy is just trying to be nice.  Session after session I could tell Mike was in it for the long haul, he was supportive and he used all his resources to help me get out of pain."


-Shelley Claxton

Sep 2015


"An OUTSTANDING massage by Michael!   I have gotten massages consistently for the past 25 years and Michael is one of the best ones ever! He is very professional and very knowlegable in exactly what your body needs at the time.  His technique is relaxing but thorough.


Excellent customer service. Organized staff.


I had a glorious deep tissue massage and floated out of there on my way home."

-Layne Davis

Aug 2015

"I was dreading on going to the Ozark Empire Fair as I was limping and hurting in my back/ hip I was needing to check on my photography entry which I did GREAT! I had decided to walk over to the other Hall and there you were! I was so glad that your massage had gotten my sore aching muscles and sore hip out of PAIN.Upon leaving, I noticed I wasn't limping or hurting as I was walking the fairgrounds!! On a scale of 1-10, I give you a 100+. Wow, I CANNOT wait til I go to your clinic for another Massage!! Thank you again!!"


-JoEllen Adams

Aug 2015

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